2nd Date gives consignors the freedom to determine their own prices for each item.  Since you are putting items in the sale, the assumption is you really want them to sell.  We encourage you to take these guidelines into consideration and try to remove any personal history with the item and think about what you would pay for it as a buyer at this event.


Take into consideration how many times the item has been worn, what you paid and the overall condition of the item.  Please remember we only accept current styles.  If your dress is more than 5 years old, it may be past its prime selling point.


If you bought the dress at:

Department Store for $75-$299 - Price at $30-$150

Boutique Store for $300 and Up - Price for $150 and up

Wedding Gowns typically 40-60% of purchase price (not retail price) - consider size, style and condition.  Wedding gowns must be current style.  Please do not bring in dresses from the 80s, 90s 2000-2015.


Popular Brand name dresses can sell for a little higher percentage.


During registration you will be given the opportunity to select if you would like any of your items marked down to 50% off during the final Sunday of the sale.  Plus, you can elect to donate items if they do not sell.


We are happy to help you determine pricing if you need assistance.