Merchandise Preparation:


  • All items must be clean and wrinkle free.

  • All items must have working zippers and be free of tears and stains.

  • Please use plastic, vinyl or wooden hangers (no metal).  Hangers with spin around metal hooks are best.  Make sure hangers are appropriate size for the item.

  • Hang items on the hanger to where the hanger faces to the left (like a question mark).

  • All dresses must be up-to-date for today's fashion. No wedding dresses purchased before 2015 please.

  • We will accept short dresses but please some years we have not sold many short styles.

  • If your dress is in a dress bag, you will need to remove the bag and take the bag home with you.  We will not be responsible for tracking bags.

  • If you have any trouble printing tags, don't stress.  We will be happy to help you in the store during drop off.  Just get your items entered in the system.


Tagging Your Items:

  • Log into your account by clicking here

  • Select "Print Tags"

  • Please make sure you print tags on white or cream card-stock paper (if you don't have card-stock print on regular pair and we can attach to card-stock in store)

  • Pin your tags under the left sleeve arm or on the size tag if located at the top of the item