Frequently Asked Questions for Volunteers


Do I have to consign in order to become an Event Volunteer?

NO, you do not need to be a consignor in order to be an event volunteer and enjoy the fun of being involved with 2nd Date.  Click here to sign up as a volunteer.


Is it really worth it to sign up for a volunteer shift to receive the pre-sale access?

Definitely!  We will have hundreds of deeply discounted dresses at the sale.  As an event volunteer, you will be able to shop early.  Lines will be minimal and you will have one of the first pick of all the dresses.


How do I know what my job will be as an Event Volunteer?

We offer various jobs and responsibilities and your duties will depend on how many helpers we have for that shift and where you will be needed most.  Most duties will include dressing room attendants, stocking the floor and check out.  When you arrive you will be assigned and trained so you are ready to take over your position when the other volunteer leaves.


What happens if I miss my shift?

This event relies on the help of the event volunteers.  If you have signed up for a shift(s) and need to reschedule, please be sure to notify us 24 hours in advance by emailing  If you signed up for 2 or more shifts and are unable to fulfill these shifts your commission rate will return to 65%.  If you do not provide advance notice, you will not be permitted to help again at future sales.