Frequently Asked Questions for Sellers


How do I register to become a consignor?

If you would like to register for the 2020 sale please Click Here.  All consignors will pay a $10 non-refundable registration fee.  This fee helps cover the cost of marketing, adminstration and providing a safe selling/buying environment.  You can register multiple dresses for the $10 fee.


I have already registered as a consignor.  How do I access my account to add my dresses, print tags, select check in time, sign up for volunteer shifts and view my sales the weekend of the event?

Click Here to log back into your account.  You will need to use the username and password you set during registration.  You can email if you need assistance.


How much will I earn on my items?

You will earn at a minimum 65% on all of your sold items.  If you volunteer for at least two shifts, you will earn 75% on all of your sold items.


Why should I consign at this event rather than a garage sale, Craig's List, Facebook or another consignment shop?

We offer many advantages over these locations.  First, this is a focus sale on just formal dresses.  All buyers will be in the market for these items.  A person would have to shop garage sales & consignment shops all year to find what they will find at our one event.  Another advantage is quality and location.  We inspect all items prior to putting them out for sale plus we also offer a safe buying environment in a high traffic area.


What can I consign?

All items MUST be current styles (no wedding dresses purchased before 2012).  For our 2019 event we will be accepting:


  • Wedding gowns & veils (current styles only - dresses after 2014)

  • Prom dresses

  • Homecoming/Color Day dresses

  • Pageant dresses

  • Sorority formal dresses

  • Black tie gala dresses & cocktail dresses

  • Cotillion dresses

  • Flower girl dresses

  • All other formal event dresses


What will you not accept?

  • Out of style dresses (typically no older than 5 years)

  • Bridesmaid dresses (these are typically specific and hard to sell unless priced very low)

  • Little Girl dresses (except flower girl dresses)

  • Every day clothing and dresses

  • Shoes

  • Jewelry

  • Men's clothing

These items will be declined at drop off.


How do I know what to price my items?

Minimum price for the sale will be $10.  We offer you some pricing suggestions but as a general rule, you should price items 25-60% of their original price.  Popular or name brand items can be priced higher.  You are the best judge, price an item for no more than you would be willing to pay for that same item at this event.  We are happy to help you determine pricing if needed.


What if I don't want some of my items to get marked down?

You will have the option when registering each of your items to decide if you would like the item to be marked down for the sale that will take place the last day of the event.  All dresses will be available for purchase on the last day but only those designated will be marked 1/2 price.


When and Where should I drop off my items before the sale?

We will be collecting items at the store at Pinnacle Hills Promenade February 9th -February 12th.  Find a day and time that works with your schedule on our Check In options in your consignor account.  All dresses MUST be turned in by Feb. 13th or they may not be included in the charity sale.  You can still drop off dresses after that date and we will add them to the sale as quickly as we can.


Will I need an appointment for check in?

Check in appointments are encouraged for all but not required.  You will have the opportunity to select a check in time when you are registering your items or you can go back later and select a time.  Check in priority will be given to those who have appointments.  We do ask if you are bringing in 20 or more items that you set an appointment time.


What if I have items to sell but don't have time to register and tag my items?

We will offer in store registration starting Sunday, February 9th for a flat rate of $20.  Email us at so we can send you a form for you to complete before you arrive and set a time for you to come in.  If you have more than 10 items to register, please contact us at to arrange an appointment time for quicker service as first priority will be to those with appointments.


Do I have to pick up my items after the sale?

No.  You can elect to donate all or select items.  However, we CANNOT store your items after the sale.  If you would like your unsold items returned to you, you MUST pick them up on Sunday, Feb. 23 at 4-6 PM or Monday, Feb. 24 between 2:00 PM -6:00 PM or make other arrangements.  Any items that have not been picked up by 10 AM on Tuesday (Feb. 25) become the property of 2nd Date and may be donated.  Sorry, there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this as we must be out of the facility and cannot store your items.


When will I receive payment for my sold items?

Checks are mailed within 2 weeks after the sale closes (Venmo option available).  Checks are mailed to the address that is in the registration system at the time it is locked down.  Please note that any check not cashed within 60 days of issue will be cancelled.  If you have had a change of address, please change it in our system.  If a check was mailed to an old address and needs to be reissued, a $35 cancelled check fee will apply.  All reissued checks will incur a $35 reissue fee.


Do I have to volunteer in order to consign?

No.  You will still earn your consignor preview sale privileges for Thursday, Feb. 13th night from 8:00-9:00 PM for being a consignor and 65% of any items that sell.